NodeJS Developer
Thứ hai, 25/04/2022

The Job

·       We are looking for experienced Nodejs backend developer to join our dynamic teams, and build a livestreaming platform to serve multi-millions users. You will have opportunity to contribute and resolve interesting problems at scale.

·       Design and develop high-performance API and backend;

·       Design and optimize Database design;

·       Maintain a high-quality robust codebase;

·       Actively research and apply new technology and toolset

   Your Skills and Experience        

·       Experience working with MySQL, Redis, MongoDB (RabbitMQ & Kafka is a plus);

·       Have knowledge of OOP, RESTful, Microservices, Design Patterns;

·       Proficient in source code management tools: GIT;

·       Can work under high pressure on deadlines as well as product quality;

·       The ability to be well and proactive in work, has a high sense of responsibility to complete the assigned work;

·       Have experience in building Microservices running on Kubernetes or Swarm is a great plus;

·       Have knowledge about distributed system is a great plus

   If you’re Python developer

·       Experience in working with Python and frameworks like Django or Flask or Tornado for 2++  years.

·       Code complies with PEP-8 standards, regularly using Pylint and Pyflakes;

·       Good understanding about asyncio, coroutine, GIL, regex, context manager

   If you’re NodeJS developer

·       Experience in working with NodeJS and frameworks like ExpressJS or for 2++ years;

·       Experience with TypeScript or Object-oriented programming is a plus

   Why you‘d love working here

·       Meaningful work with passionate colleagues;

·       Attractive compensation, regular assessments and salary reviews;

·       Year-end bonus & performance bonus;

·       Range lương: 1000$ - 1800$

·       Attractive benefits for team activities (team building, team outing, sport, trade union activities);

·       Very nice & open office with full of accessories for active recreation, sport, fruits, coffee and tea;

·       We create a environment where you can be best of yourself, grow with us and together we make it works. 

How to apply:

- Send CV to email: 

- Contact: Ms.Ngoc - 0868256409